Brodie Rush
Video. Audio. Design.
“Paving uncharted pathways”

“Positive strokes”
Best Local Artist: Pitch Weekly 2000
Best Karaoke: Pitch Weekly 2002

Video editing
Audio production
Audio composition
Event hosting/Front man

Recorded in studio with, Martin Bisi, (Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, The Swans), Trent Bell, (The Flaming Lips, The Chainsaw Kittens, The Starlight Mints), Joel Hamilton (Mike Patton, Tom Waits, Pere Ubu), Fred Kavorkian (Prince, Yoko Ono, Lou Reed), Paul Malinowski, (Shiner, Ghosty, Republic Tigers) 1997-2006
Affiliated labels: UNiPEGaDONG Records, Curve Groove, Turnbuckle Records, 1996-present
Music Production/Producer/Engineer: Be/Non, Expo 70, Hit-Shitters, Open Hand, Tommy Ferrari & The Future Moter Machines
Freelance animations for: Singlewing Creative, Loose Magazine, City Camp KC, Adjacent LA,,, Launch KC, Brian Hicks


-After Effects

-Premiere Pro

-Final Cut Pro



-Pro Tools





Be/Non Labels: Turnbuckle Records (1996-1999), Curve Groove, UNiPEGaDONG Records (2007-present)

Actor: Ron MeGee’s Pink Floyd’s The Wall, “Pink” 2008 & 2011, The Late Night Theater Rockula 2005 “Burt”, The Coterie Theater: U:BUG:ME, “Keno The Centipede”, 2009, Bubbles & Blankets (2009-present).

Musician/original music composition: The Coterie Theater: The Outsiders 2011
Animations and projections: The Coterie Theater “Spring Awakening” Fall 2012
Music Placement: First Date: 2006 film by Gary Huggins.
Posters and design: The Record Bar, One80, Beer Kitchen, The Brick, Bulldog, Nara, The Drop, general rock music posters.
Performance:  The Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, Kansas for an Andy Warhol exhibit in 2010.
Sound clips: used on KCTV 5 for City Camp promotions.

Bring this into “Experience” as highlights:

20 years of performance

Be/Non: Music production/Composition/Graphic Design 1994-present
Singlewing: Animation April 2012- present
Loose Magazine: Animation April 2012- present
Animation, Video editing: 2009-present
UNiPEGaDONG records and films Graphic design/music production: 2000-present
(FIRESIGN DESIGN) Silkscreen/Design 1998-2007
(BRODIOKE) Karaoke/hosting/owner 2002-present
Coterie Theater 2009-present